Rug Cleaning in Houston Texas


Water Damage Houston is a major provider of rug cleaning services. We understand that many people lead busy lives, so finding the time for a rug clean isn’t always practical. That is why we work around your schedule to provide a service that others fail to compete with. We can clean your rug in your home, or we can take it to our secure facility for cleaning, the choice is yours. Many people think that their rug is too delicate for a clean, or that the stains have been there for too long to be cleaned. This simply isn’t the case. Our teams of cleaning experts have experience cleaning a range of delicate carpets, and heavy stain removal is one of our specialties. We don’t just have a one-for-all cleaning solution. We have a range of solutions that are fully designed to remove tough stains without affecting color or fiber density. We always make sure that we apply the right solution for the job, so you will have your rug cleaned to a professional standard without having to worry about it shrinking, losing its texture or density.


Why We Are the Number One Choice

We are the number one choice when it comes to rug cleaning in Houston because our customers know that we have years of experience in the local area. We are a local company, so we believe in providing the very best service to all Houston residents. We can clean everything, from wool rugs to delicates, area rugs and more, while also ensuring that the rug is fully dry afterwards to help prevent rot and further staining. We never use harsh cleaning chemicals when performing our rug cleaning services, so you never need to worry about any long-lasting damage being done to your rug as a result of our stain removal services. You will also find that our cleaning solutions are non-toxic and completely safe around pets, so if you or someone in your family has sensitivity to chemicals or a breathing difficulty, it shouldn’t be a problem. Whatever you need, you know you can count on us today. Contact our expert cleaning team today at 281-560-3006 to find out more. We would be more than happy to provide you with a free quote regarding our rug cleaning services, and we pride ourselves on having no-hidden fees or expenses. We can also book an appointment which suits your schedule, so if you need a quick and easy rug cleaning service, we are the company for you.

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